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Welcome <3


I'm the creator of UNDERVIRUS
I saw groups like this and thought how cool it would be if we collect all our stuff here x3

Everyone can join <3
Everyone can submit Undervirus and also Undertale and other UndertaleAU related stuff! :3
(Check out the folders)

Have fun with the group!



Frisk is a girl from the human world. Monster only exist in fairy tales and Videogames.
She spends most of her time infront of her computer, but one day it is infested by a strange virus.
Her ghostfriend "Chara", wants to clean her PC, but Frisk quickly realizes that the virus has an seemingly independent existence.
An independent existence in which she can intervene freely.
It's a game.
But the Game is getting bitter truth as Monster begin to come out of the computer..


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AUs in Undervirus

Sun Dec 4, 2016, 8:54 PM by Jeyawue:iconjeyawue:


like yah surely know is Undervirus a multi-verse since all the AUs exist in the gamecode of Undertale.
Later, when the main story in my comic is finished, Ink will appear cuz he wanted to look how the classic Undertale is doing.
UNDERVIRUS takes place in the CLASSIC UNDERTALE. My Viruses are ONLY DOPPELGANGERS who lives in the coding. My non-Virus-Characters are the classic Undertale Characters. They just change because they fall out of the game and the timeline changes because of missing characters, so that different stories get created. So yeah.
Virus!Papyrus, Virus!Sans, Chara and so on are to be correct THE CLASSIC CHARACTERS.

It's possible that at the point they fell out and the timeline changed the AU "Undervirus" got created. So that it would be a copy of UT like all the other AUs- But until now we haven't decided that yet. Until now it's the classic Undertale, changed by events.

So when Ink  runs into the Viruses he won't be all surprised, already knows a few Virus(AUs) also Error. They will kinda bring him to talk and will learn about the other AUs.They always could travel through the code but they just never went far away from the classic Undertale, were always watching it.
The Viruses can and will visit some AUs in my Comic and since everything is in the game, some AU characters will FALL OUT. Into the real world.
They can decide if they wanna stay or go back into the game, after knowing they are just a program.
I will use some popular AUs but everyone gets the chance to appear in UV


Your AUs

Yah can submit your AUs to appear  in Undervirus if you want to.

It means that you  will give me the right  to include your character to my story and do what I want with them. When you agree to include your characters it doesn't have to change YOUR OWN AU. It will only appear in mine but doesn't have to headcannon yours.
For example: When Abyss!Sans now would live in my AU Meta-Kaz can still do what they want with him in their own story without letting my AU appear.

If you allow me to use your AU/characters you are also allowed to use mine, as long as you don't make them too OOC or simply kill them.

 • I won't  kill any of your characters
• None of them will be overpowered as well
• If there are heavy choices like 'would they stay in the real world at Frisk' home or not?' you can fully decide // I won't ask that the popular creators tho))
• I will always try to make them IC - help me when you have the feeling I'm not displaying your character correctly (At the beginnig I will ask a lot about their acting/personality/etc))
• You can only submit a few/one Character/s from your AU since they are supposed to be fall out random.
• If yah want to be a AU which my Viruses will visit, your AU has to be already fully planned and every character finished and drawn


please submit (comment or note) like this:


•Name of your AU
•I want my AU to be visited / I want a place to be visited where my characters also are
•Name of the Characters who shall appear
•Character references. (Necessary)
•I can imagine my character ________ to get along with _________ (example: Vasgore, Ryu,.. ((ONLY Viruses avaible)))
•I can imagine my character ________ to hate _________
•My characters _____, _______, _______, ... (etc) are neutral.

Falling out:

•Name of your AU
•I want my character (Name) to fall out
•I want my character to stay at the real world/ I want my Character to go back (I will also decide that - you don't have to make this choice yet)
• Character references. (Necessary)
•I can imagine my character to get along with _________ (example: Uriel, Vapyrus,.. (Every of my AU characters available)
•I can imagine my character to hate _________
• Rough description of their personality

I won't take every submission.
I will tagg here later some AUs I want to include
(Already a few in the vote)

Coding by SimplySilent

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