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Welcome <3


I'm the creator of UNDERVIRUS
I saw groups like this and thought how cool it would be if we collect all our stuff here x3

Everyone can join <3
Everyone can submit Undervirus and also Undertale and other UndertaleAU related stuff! :3
(Check out the folders)

Have fun with the group!



Frisk is a girl from the human world. Monster only exist in fairy tales and Videogames.
She spends most of her time infront of her computer, but one day it is infested by a strange virus.
Her ghostfriend "Chara", wants to clean her PC, but Frisk quickly realizes that the virus has an seemingly independent existence.
An independent existence in which she can intervene freely.
It's a game.
But the Game is getting bitter truth as Monster begin to come out of the computer..


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Random UV facts - Spoilers?

Mon May 15, 2017, 5:12 PM by Jeyawue:iconjeyawue:

At first hollondaise was supposed to be virus!sans new favorite condiment in the real world, but I threw the idea away.
He still likes it tho :3

The story of Undervirus was mostly the same but I created the doppelganger because I wanted edgy characters besides the resetting ones xD
-Before Virus!Sans and all were supposed to kinda develop their virus nature but I completely gave the new viruses the role
I created the doppelgangers 2 months after the creation of Undervirus 

The cute pet blasters 'even' loves Chara because they're part of Ryu

I still don't know what to do with vasgore in the story besides.. Existing. He is kinda super an asshole and  care for nothing?
So he also does nothing except being a dick, lol

Ryu's personality and abilities were mostly ideas from Rouul which we modified together

Ryu was added to Undervirus in August because I really liked his design and knew I would never draw him again if I don't have a reason for it-
So I discussed with Rouul hours about it till we made up his story and connection to Chara.

Vapyrus is actually evil but forgotten his real self by copying Classic!Paps behavior

Undervirus makes Anime real!
*insert jingle* *slowly fading out *

I don't think Jerry exists in Undervirus - at least I never thought about it - Oohh do I hear loud cheering there? What does the crowd say?!
D i t c h  J e r r y!!

Ryu is actually only 2 months old in real-time, all other game characters 3 years

Frisk' parents are terrible

We are at Chapter 3 and Xans still hadn't his "official " appearance in the comic

Instead of Vundyne x Valphys is Uriel x Valphys kinda cannon here.
And Uriel x Vasgore, duuh <w<

Since the viruses are invisible and all ingame but exist there too since..
EVER there are a lot of spots they hang around or people they used to watch in their boredom.
For example did Xans often hang around in sans and paps house and watched with them TV/ate together. ... Xans is a creep part 3 ?!

I've drawn over 1000 pictures to Undervirus- published and unpublished

Valphys isn't an otaku

Since Ryu is a virus he has also all virus abilities but doesn't really know how to use them/is really bad in virus things.
He doesn't care enough to ask a virus- but maybe he just knows they would humilate him for asking for help

chara was lost, confused, alone which caused her to bound herself so quickly and strong to the open and friendly Frisk-
she wouldn't make another friendship like this ever again

Undervirus  was a dream I had and planned further. Since then I often dream about Undervirus and how  every single event takes place

stupid humans think often that the monsters are cosplayer.
Suuure! I wish I have a costume which is so realistic!

Undervirus has a happy  ending of the mainstory and then will continue kinda but more open ended with some little adventures (AUs)

Another random UV Fact:  (Written by Rouul)
Because Jeyawue hates Alphys Rouul should design Valphys and she would draw it, thats the result:
Valphys by Rouul  Valphys - Ref sheet [STREAM] by Jeyawue
Jeyawue  took it as templance and we designed the original Valphys together in her stream :')
She hates Alphys so much that she even forgot to upload her, lul

The theme of Ryu isn't Megalovania but the same as Chara:
Megalo Strike Back 
(We already have an official composer, Crimzan4 , but SpookyDove wants to do the theme for Ryu and Chara at the moment for an arttrade with me~
It's not sure yet if it will be the official one or not- It's still do discuss with Crimzan after it's done)

the creator of Undervirus loves to spoiler UV content uwu

Skin by Blue-Lovag
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